July 12, 2024
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Enhanced Indigenous Chicken Rolled Out, Set To Revolutionize Poultry Farming In Uganda

The introduction of a new enhanced indigenous breed of chicken from Mukono Zonal Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MUZARDI) is poised to revolutionize and elevate the poultry farming sector in Uganda.

This innovative breed, developed through meticulous crossbreeding efforts, promises to enhance yields and ensure the long-term viability of poultry farming.

Funded by the Government of Uganda and the European Union under the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU), the project aims to address the low productivity of indigenous chicken, attributed to factors such as low genetic potential, inadequate nutrition, and challenges in disease control.

Dr. Barbara Zawedde, the Research Director at MUZARDI, emphasized the establishment of a unit to support the national indigenous chicken seed system.

This initiative aims to assist rural households in transitioning to commercial poultry farming practices, thereby generating significant income opportunities.

“The main work involved in our research is remodeling of the units into poultry breeder and seed holding units (biosecurity and reception unit, hatchery unit, research/production units, bio waste incinerator) to produce fertile eggs and day-old chicks to be supplied to selected hatcheries with fertile eggs and farmers with day-old chicks,” she said.

The new breed surpasses unimproved breeds in terms of growth rates and laying potential. While unimproved chickens typically yield fewer than 80 eggs annually, the new breed from MUZARDI can produce up to 200 eggs per year. Moreover, they demonstrate accelerated egg-laying capabilities, commencing production as early as five months of age.

Henry Mulindwa, the Principal Research Officer at MUZARDI, highlighted the breed’s resilience to diseases, adaptability to homemade feed rations, and impressive weight gains by five months of age.

MUZARDI has developed a model of collaboration with multipliers across the country to propagate the advanced breed effectively.  Richard Lumu, a Livestock Technician at MUZARDI, outlined plans to implement semi-intensive housing systems, striking a balance between confinement and freedom to optimize bird health and productivity.

Farmers have expressed optimism about the enhanced breed’s potential to yield significant benefits, including savings in feed costs and reduced rearing time before consumption.

Charles Wendo and Sipiriano Kwiiri, farmers from Seeta town and Nakasajja respectively, shared their positive experiences with the new breed, expressing hope for success in their poultry farming endeavors.  MUZARDI’s groundbreaking research and development efforts offer a promising outlook for the poultry farming sector in Uganda, providing farmers with innovative solutions to common challenges and opportunities for sustainable growth and prosperity.

Source: URN

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