July 12, 2024
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Man Gets 30 Strokes Of Cane, Fined Two Goats For Abusing Clan Members

In Buliisa district, a man named James Wobusobozi, also known as James Boda, was disciplined by his clan leaders with 30 strokes of a cane for inappropriate behavior.

Wobusobozi, a member of the ‘Bahukwa’ Clan and a resident of Musizi village in Biiso Sub County, received his punishment on a Monday. The incident was a result of Wobusobozi allegedly insulting his relatives, including his aunts, on a local radio station during the 2016 elections.

The conflict arose when Wobusobozi and his clan members disagreed with the choice of a parliamentary candidate. Wobusobozi’s words were considered offensive by his clan members, leading them to expel him from the clan and instruct him to establish his own.

Seven years later, Wobusobozi acknowledged his error and sought forgiveness from his clan members. Richard Kajura, a leader of the ‘Bahukwa’ clan, revealed that after Wobusobozi admitted his wrongdoing and asked for forgiveness, the clan elders decided to punish him with 30 strokes of a cane before welcoming him back into the clan.

In addition to the physical punishment, Wobusobozi was also required to provide two goats and a sack of cassava flour as a sign of reconciliation with the clan members.

Kajura stated, “Yesterday, Wobusobozi admitted his misconduct and chose to return home. We asked him to bring two goats and a sack of cassava flour, which he did. Initially, we intended to give him 50 strokes of the cane, but he asked for mercy, and we reduced it to 30.”

Kajura confirmed that Wobusobozi accepted the punishment and the conditions set by the clan, and he is now fully reintegrated with the rest of the clan members.

Wobusobozi confessed that he was disciplined by the clan leaders for insulting his clan members on the radio. He claimed that he was misguided by individuals who paid him to insult his clan members, unaware of the consequences.

For the past seven years, Wobusobozi and his family were not permitted to visit the homes of his clan members until he received their forgiveness.

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