July 12, 2024
Kampala Daily

Man dressed in gomesi lynched in Bugweri

In the Bugweri District’s Butongole Village, a man was tragically killed by a mob on Wednesday night. The man, whose identity remains unknown, was dressed in a gomesi, a traditional women’s outfit, and was spotted wandering around the village around 9pm.

The local LC3 chairperson, Mr Pius Kagiko Waikonkome, reported that the man attempted to escape when he realized his unusual attire and behavior had aroused suspicion. He managed to cling onto a truck headed for Iganga, unbeknownst to the driver.

Boda boda riders gave chase, flagging down the truck. As the man tried to escape, he was caught. During the pursuit, he reportedly stabbed one of the riders with a knife but was eventually subdued and killed by the crowd.

Upon inspection, the man was found wearing women’s stretch trousers and carrying a Bible with a pastor’s contact details. Mr Waikonkome linked the incident to a recent surge in thefts, especially of livestock and birds.

The police have confirmed the incident and are conducting an investigation. Busoga East Police Spokesperson, Ms Diana Nandaula, denounced the mob violence and urged the public to involve law enforcement in such matters.

Richard Igwera, the resident who was injured during the incident, is currently receiving medical treatment at Nakavule Hospital in Iganga District, along with the unidentified deceased.

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