July 12, 2024
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“I Was Impregnated, Poisoned in Saudi, But My Saudi Boss’ Son Saved My Life” – Lady Painfully Confesses (Watch Video)

According to an interview with Yvonne on Tuko Talks, Selestine, a mother of one, was working as a househelp but unfortunately got pregnant with her second baby after she bumped into her baby daddy when she was in her village to attend a burial. After she gave birth, the church and pastor supported her and the babies.

But one day, her mum’s friend told her there was a job and was paying well. Selestine left for Saudi Arabia in search of greener pastures. Unfortunately, while in Saudi, Selestine got news that her children’s father was found in his house murdered.

However, her employer and employer’s son were good to her, but the husband treated her badly. She struggled so much in Saudi after the boss’s husband turned on her and began to abuse her. The boss’ husband used to walk naked whenever she saw Selestine and even forced her to drink her urine or k1ll her if she refused. He continued doing that and even forced her to drink his semen.

At one time, the man told her that he feels to k1ll someone. The boss’ husband tried to k1ll Selestine when she refused to sleep with him by stabbing her, but unfortunately, she was impregnated and drugged by him and tried to hit her, but the boss’ son saved her.

Unfortunately, her liver started to swell, and the doctors told her she had 2 months to live, but she had to terminate the pregnancy so as to get treated. Selestine escaped and came back to Kenya. She said, “I was impregnated and poisoned in Saudi, but my Saudi boss’ son saved my life.”

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