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Pastor arrested for detaining patients in church

In Soroti City, a pastor was taken into custody by the police for allegedly keeping severely sick patients in his church under the guise of praying for their recovery.

The church, known as the Galilee Ministry of Christ Church, is situated in Amen “B” cell, Amen ward in Soroti City West. On Monday afternoon, the church was found to have over thirty Christians, among whom five were critically ill.

Edison Obukulem, the spokesperson for East Kyoga police, confirmed the arrest of Pastor Simon Peter Ogoba. The patients were rescued and transported to Soroti Regional Hospital for medical treatment.

Obukulem cautioned pastors against admitting patients into their churches. He emphasized that pastors are not healthcare professionals and should direct patients to seek medical help.

Pastor Ogoba explained that they welcomed people with various health issues and initiated prayer and fasting sessions for them. He mentioned that while most of the patients were referred from Mulago Hospital, their conditions might not necessitate hospitalization and could be resolved through prayer. He further explained that the patients were kept in the church to avoid home distractions.

Emmanuel Okello, one of the patients, shared that he was diagnosed with cancer in 2023. However, he did not receive sufficient treatment in local hospitals. He chose to seek divine intervention and joined the church. He noticed some improvement and expressed willingness to return to Mulago Hospital, although he lacked transportation.

Patrick Peter Emaru, the Mayor of Soroti City West Division, was taken aback by the situation. He urged pastors to prioritize the health of people by allowing them to receive medical care from qualified medical personnel.

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