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Alien Skin challenges Bobi Wine to sell his assets and donate the proceeds to show struggle commitment

Ugandan musician Mulwana Patrick, known as Alien Skin, has challenged musician and politician Bobi Wine to show that he is really dedicated to liberating Uganda.

Alien Skin told Bobi Wine to sell his major properties, including Busabala Beach, buildings in Kamwokya, and his home in Magere.

Alien Skin believes that if Bobi Wine sells these valuable properties, it will show he is aligned with the common people who are fighting for change in Uganda.

He suggested Bobi Wine could use the money earned from the sales for good causes that help people, like building a free primary school or helping those in need.

Alien Skin admits there are problems among Bobi Wine\’s group, but he does not want to expose them publicly. He questions how someone as rich as Bobi Wine can truly say he is engaged in the people\’s struggle. In contrast, Alien Skin says he has worked hard to improve his own life and overcome difficulties.

Alien Skin spoke out after he had a confrontation with Bajjo Events in Makindye, where Alien Skin\’s vehicle was shot at by a security guard and had its tires punctured. He appears to be challenging Bobi Wine to take real action to back up his words as a champion of the people\’s interests. It remains to be seen how the popular musician will respond.

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Nyanzi Abubaker November 8, 2023 at 4:01 pm

Agree Bobi is musician, but even selling his property cannot be enough for the struggle!? Bajjo and mulwana patrick drama was different from the current struggles of Africa and ug . Patrick has failed on his own image to build the image of new Ghetto youth ( the criminal gangs built in face of ug security means the security structures form components of the previous criminally


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