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“I Was a House Maid But I Ran Away After Realizing My Boss Sacrificed Her Daughter for Wealth”- Dooms Day Narration

Being a housemaid gives you exclusive access into people’s lives and sometimes they get to know their darkest secrets, this lady was a house help here in Uganda but realized her life was in danger after realizing her boss had sacrificed her own child, given up her sanity to witch craft in exchange for wealth.

Appearing in an exclusive with a Local YouTuber, The Shantal Mirrors Show, this lady who refused to give out her full legal name narrated a heart worrying story of her journey as a House maid and why she will never step into people’s houses ever again.

Having started being a house help at a young age, this lady who appears on Camera narrates that she was working in a house that had only 2 kids, one who was mentally disturbed and was 16 years old and a toddler who was 2 years old.

Apparently, in this house, the lady used to cook alot of food only to be eaten by the ever hungry 16 year old girl, in fact she used to cook 10KGs of Rice and 2KGs of Beef for only the kid.

Even though the girl used to eat alot of good food in great quantity, her boss, the mother of the child only ate G-Nuts, she always had to leave her house on a daily even on days she was not supposed to work.

“I was a maid but that little girls’ brain was not alone, the woman had given her up for wealth, the girl used to be fine in the middle of the month but always fell sick at the end of the month.

The woman used to own businesses of selling traditional Items in Namuwongo, she used t stock everything up in the story and at home but i was always scared”- the girl narrates.

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Is the story true really???


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