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Sheebah Karungi Ballooned! Who is the Father of the Child?

The fierce and fabulous Sheebah Karungi is reportedly expecting her first child at the age of 35! The diva’s pregnancy news sent waves across social media after a revealing video showed her proudly displaying her baby bump.

Known for her bold stance on relationships, Sheebah has always been clear about her views on marriage, claiming she’ll never tie the knot due to her confusion about men’s behavior. However, she’s always expressed her love for children and the joy of motherhood.

Fans are now buzzing with curiosity about the mystery surrounding Sheebah’s pregnancy, especially since she’s been vocal about not liking being tied down to a man. Speculations are running wild as to how this unexpected twist came to be.

But Sheebah isn’t the first leading lady of music to shock the industry with pregnancy news! Artists like Vinka and Karole Kasita also caught fans off guard, proving that life often takes unexpected turns even at the peak of one’s career.

Many are now wondering how Sheebah plans to juggle her booming music career with impending motherhood. Known for her electrifying stage presence filled with dance moves and stunning fashion, fans are eager to see how the diva will navigate this exciting new chapter of her life.

Despite the surprise, one thing is for sure—just like her fellow musical mamas, Sheebah is bound to bounce back with even more energy and passion, ready to conquer the stage once again! Stay tuned as this superstar journey into motherhood unfolds!

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