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Dead Man Made to Sit on a Chair During His Own Funeral( Video)

In an unusual funeral arrangement, a murder victim from Trinidad was embalmed and transported sitting upright to his service.

According to local reports, Che Lewis’ body was prepared by Dennie’s Funeral Home in a seated position and placed in the tray of a vehicle for his final journey. Video shared on social media shows the 29-year-old dressed in a suit and seated in a chair as the vehicle carrying his body drives past government buildings in Port of Spain.

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) investigated the funeral home’s transportation methods, which regulatory officials deemed unsafe and a violation of road traffic laws. Road Safety Co-ordinator Brent Batson said improperly securing human remains in vehicle trays puts others at risk of harm.

Lewis and his father Adlay were murdered in their Diego Martin home on November 15th. At the funeral service, those observing the livestream were surprised to see the deceased positioned at the front of the church. It’s unclear why standard COVID protocols of mask-wearing did not apply in this case.

After the service, Che and Adlay Lewis were laid to rest at a local cemetery. Dennie’s Funeral Home also announced plans to offer alkaline hydrolysis, an alternative cremation method, on the island going forward.

While unconventional for Trinidad, some online commenters noted similar send-offs have occurred elsewhere. Nonetheless, most found the sight of the sitting body a strange and disturbing aspect of this otherwise somber funeral.

Watch Video:

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