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Woman who left the country to work as a housemaid in Dubai builds own school

After a four-year stint as a domestic helper in Dubai, Salla Tourist bravely chose to return to her homeland, fueled by a profound aspiration to effect change.

Despite confronting numerous obstacles, including societal norms and personal sacrifices, Salla embarked on a mission to realize her dream of offering quality education to the children in her community.

Salla’s journey commenced modestly, with her imparting knowledge to children in her mother’s home. What began as a small endeavor soon expanded as an increasing number of children gathered in her makeshift classroom.

“I started by teaching my daughter, and soon, the neighborhood kids joined in, and the number grew. My mother, also a teacher, was a great help. She pursued her career despite the challenges it posed to her marriage because my father was uncomfortable with her being around men and had thwarted her dreams of being a teacher,” Salla shared with Lynne Zaabu.

With the backing of her mother, Salla laid the groundwork for what would eventually evolve into Salla Academy.

The decision to establish a school was not solely motivated by Salla’s passion for education but also by her concern for the safety and accessibility of education for the children in her community.

Aware of the dangers children faced while commuting to distant schools through sugarcane plantations, Salla recognized the pressing need for a local educational facility.

Consequently, Salla Academy was founded, providing education from baby class to P3 in a safe and nurturing environment.

Salla’s resolve and ingenuity were apparent as she rallied support from her YouTube community and those around her to actualize her vision.

With their assistance, she managed to construct a modern school building and create an environment that promotes learning and development.

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