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10 African Countries With The Largest Land Forces In 2024

Given the prevalence of some of the most nagging challenges in Africa, it is easy to forget that the continent not only symbolizes natural wealth but also symbolizes strength. To imagine a country’s strength is to quickly envision its military might. Alongside assessing a nation’s economic power, it is natural to examine its offensive and defensive capabilities.

In the geopolitical sphere of Africa, the presence of a formidable military force is not merely a symbol of sovereignty but a critical factor in ensuring national security, safeguarding territorial integrity, and promoting regional stability.

While the military consists of different branches, the most symbolic of them is the ground force, popularly referred to as the army.

This branch of the military in Africa is often responsible for homeland security, defense from external threats, fighting wars, and peacekeeping missions. While other branches take on these responsibilities also, the army is typically the first and fastest responsive unit of the military, particularly if any threat is detected on home soil.

One of the fundamental reasons for keeping a large army is to discourage aggression from neighboring countries and outside entities.

Additionally, a large army plays a pivotal role in supporting peacekeeping efforts and regional stability. African nations have contributed significantly to United Nations and African Union peacekeeping missions, undertaking complex operations in conflict zones such as South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Mali.

With that said, it is a wonder which African countries have the largest land forces. According to Global Firepower, a platform that annually updates statistics of militaries across the globe, several African countries boast a robust and capable military, and of these countries, some of their land forces stand out.

Below are 10 of the largest armies in Africa by sheer size of personnel.

RankCountryArmy Personnel
5.Democratic Republic140,000

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