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Video of Spirits Possessing Fans as Hassan Nduga Performs on Stage Shocks Revellers (WATCH)

In a remarkable yet amusing performance at a recent music concert headlined by Kadongo Kamu sensation Hassan Nduga, fans were left in astonishment as some reportedly became possessed by spirits upon touching the singer.

Hassan Nduga, known for his open embrace of ancestral beliefs, has previously spoken about his reverence for his ancestors, whom he acknowledges through prayer and praise akin to religious practices.

In Uganda, it’s customary for fans to join their favorite artists on stage, often seeking a momentary connection by simply touching them. However, during this particular concert, attendees experienced an unexpected twist as they allegedly fell under a mysterious spell upon contact with Hassan Nduga.

Despite the supernatural encounters taking place before his eyes, Hassan Nduga continued to deliver a captivating performance, seemingly unfazed by the unfolding spectacle.

Traditionally, Uganda is home to licensed traditional healers who are respected figures within the community. While these healers are recognized for their practices, certain rituals are typically conducted in private settings rather than public performances.

While Hassan Nduga may not fit the archetype of a traditional healer, his unyielding faith in his ancestral spirits and their purported abilities adds a fascinating layer to his persona, captivating both fans and onlookers alike.

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