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May 19, 2024
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NEMA Demolishes Blood Of Jesus Church In Mukono

The Blood of Jesus Ministries International Church has recently been affected by the National Environment Management Authority’s (NEMA) ongoing efforts to enforce the presidential directive on wetland encroachment.

On a Monday afternoon, a group of young people, under the direction of NEMA officials and protected by environmental police, descended on the church located opposite Seeta High School along the Kampala-Jinja Highway.

The church, under the stewardship of Pastor Joseph Muzaale, was established on nearly three acres of wetland. According to NEMA, the church was impeding water flow, resulting in regular flooding and property damage in Kigunga and surrounding villages.

During the demolition, church members voiced their dissatisfaction with NEMA’s actions, pointing out several factories in wetlands that the government seems to ignore because they are foreign-owned.

Some local leaders applauded NEMA’s decision to demolish the church, as they experience flash floods with every rainfall. However, they also criticized Mukono municipality for approving building plans in the wetlands.

Joseph Bampabura, Pastor Muzaale’s lawyer, asserted that the church had obtained all necessary approvals from NEMA and Mukono municipal officials. Bampabura expressed concern about the government entity’s impunity in demolishing someone’s property without a court order, and stated that they have filed a case at Mukono police.

Bampabura mentioned that they had obtained a court order preventing NEMA from demolishing their property, but NEMA continued regardless. When he asked them to produce a court order authorizing the demolition, they declined.

The effects of climate change are becoming increasingly severe, and actions like those of Pastor Muzaale and hundreds of other similar individuals and investors are significantly affecting water catchment areas.

Regrettably, there was no divine intervention to prevent the demolition of Pastor Muzaale’s church.

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