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Robbers Mercilessly Slaughter 47 Sheep In Kyotera

A horrifying scene unfolded on Tuesday night as unidentified assailants raided Frank Zalugo’s farm in Kyotera District, leaving behind a grisly trail of destruction. In a ruthless onslaught, 47 sheep were mercilessly slaughtered, their bodies mutilated and internal organs scattered across the ground.

The night of terror struck Kikondo Village, Buyisa Parish in Kirumba Sub-county, plunging the community into shock and disbelief. Godfrey Lukyamuzi Lwasa, a neighbour, recounted the harrowing events witnessed in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Frank Zalugo, the devastated owner of the farm, mourned the loss of his livestock, with only three out of 50 sheep managing to escape the brutal attack. Despite swift notification, Zalugo arrived to find the perpetrators long gone, leaving behind sacks of stolen mutton.

Expressing his distress, Zalugo appealed to the government to bolster security measures, particularly with night-time police patrols, to combat rising crime rates in Kikondo village and surrounding areas.

The surge in lawlessness has raised concerns among village leaders like Fred Muyanja, who attribute it to idle youth seeking quick wealth without engaging in productive activities.

Masaka Police Spokesperson Twaha Kasirye assured that a thorough investigation is underway, with authorities launching a manhunt to apprehend the perpetrators and deliver justice.

The senseless massacre of Zalugo’s sheep serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need for enhanced security measures and community vigilance to protect livelihoods and ensure the safety of residents in Kyotera and its environs.

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