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Senior police officer handed 50years for murdering 9-year old child

The High Court in Kampala has sentenced a senior police officer to 50 years prison for strangling to death his colleague’s 9-year old niece.

This was after Justice Margret Mutonyi convicted 48-year old Inspector of Police Emmanuel Abura Wilson for murdering Patience Namwanje.

It is alleged that IP Abura was sharing a house with the deceased’s uncle identified as Cpl Joel Mwonda in Nalya Housing Estate from where the two families developed irreconcilable misunderstandings and persistent grudges stemming mainly from the Convict IP Abura killing CPL Mwonda’s chicken, disconnecting his water and putting t garbage container in front of his house.

The said misunderstandings were also brought to the attention of the police’s administration unit.

That it was during one of these bitter quarrels that the deceased Namwanje used a phone to record threats in which IP Abura was heard threatening to injure CPL Mwonda and his family members something which did not go down well with the convict.

That on the fateful day of November 6th 2021 , at about 5.30 pm , the deceased’s mother Lydia Takali left her at home and went to the shop where she spent 30 minutes.

She came back and found the door locked and called for the accused but there was no answer.

That Takali then asked IP Abura’s children to help her access the home using their house.

That on opening the house , she saw the body of her 9 year old girl hanging using a police lane yard and she made an alarm which attracted her neighbours and LCs.

However police investigations concluded that given the height of the lane yard, there is no way a nine year old girl could have climbed up to commit suicide.

While sentencing IP Abura , Justice Mutonyi noted that he is a disgrace and and an embarrassment to the police force which is trained to protect lives , an animal in human skin who launched an attack on an innocent child and uses his disability to attract sympathy.

Justice Mutonyi ruled that since his disability didnot prevent him from committing a heinous crime , he is a danger to people who come in contact with him and especially young children to whom court owes a duty to protect.

She has therefore given IP Abura a long sentence of 50 years and only deducted 6 months he spent on remand and ordered that IP Abura serves 49 years and 4 months in prison.

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