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Angry Husband Breaks Bathroom Door After Wife Locked Herself to Check Messages on His Phone

While others have started the new year with joy and renewed hope, a woman who wished to remain anonymous has narrated how she had to begin the year with a heavy heart due to her husband’s actions.

The woman shared on Wairimu Kimani – WK’s Facebook page that she witnessed unusual behavior from her husband immediately after he took hold of her phone.

According to her account, her husband handed her the phone to speak with her aunt, who had called to wish them a happy new year. However, after taking the call, she made a daring move by leaving with her husband’s phone and locking herself in the bedroom.

“Today, he gave me his phone to talk to his aunt who had called to wish us a happy new year. I went into the bedroom and locked the door, and also locked myself in the bathroom. I was determined to do a quick inspection…” she explained.

Upon realizing that his wife had left with his phone, her husband quickly decided to retrieve it. To her surprise, he used his strength to break down the bedroom door and even went further to break the bathroom door to reclaim his phone.

“To my great surprise, he broke both doors… he is a big man, and one push on each door was enough to get in. We have 4 children together, and he is in his mid-40s while I am in my mid-30s. I respect him a lot as my husband, but this behavior is pushing me to the wall. I have talked about it. I am very confused,” the distressed woman expressed, seeking emotional support.

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