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Traffic diverted as Kampala -Masaka road section caves in again

Traffic has been rerouted on the Kampala-Masaka highway due to a section of the road between Kyengera and Budo junction collapsing on Sunday after a heavy rainstorm. This is the second instance of the road sinking in the past four months.

The incident has resulted in a severe traffic jam along the Busega-Kyengera section. As a result, drivers are advised to use alternative routes such as Nakawuka road -Budo junction or Kitemu and Mityana road – Buloba-Nsangi to reach the Kampala-Masaka Highway.

For those traveling from Masaka to Kampala, the recommended routes are Kitemu or Budo- Nakawuka or Nsangi -Buloba – Mutyaba road. The Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) is keeping a close eye on the situation.

The public is urged to remain disciplined and patient as Traffic Police and UNRA teams evaluate the damage. SP Michael Kananura, the traffic and road safety public relations officer, made this appeal.

UNRA has also advised drivers on the affected road to be cautious when approaching the damaged section. They are currently monitoring a situation of road damage at Kyengera, particularly around the Hass Petrol Station area. Road users are urged to be careful while approaching this section as their teams take the necessary safety measures. This information was shared via a statement posted on UNRA’s social media handle.

This incident follows a similar one that occurred just months ago when the same road sunk in at the Busega-Kyengera section in December 2023. At that time, UNRA identified erosion as the main cause, leading to significant damage of approximately 1.5 meters of the road pavement near the embankment. The damage was reportedly caused by rising water levels within the Lubigi swamp area.

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