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Woman who died 20 years ago returns home alive

Amina Rashidi, a woman from Tanzania who was believed to have tragically perished in a boat accident back in 2003, has defied the odds by returning home alive and well.

Her unexpected reappearance has left her family and community in a state of awe and jubilation.

The incredible revelation came to light when a resident of the Mwanza region recognized Amina during her daily activities in 2022, over two decades after her supposed demise.

Initially met with skepticism, it took nearly two years for the family to verify her identity, but eventually, the truth prevailed, leading to a joyous reunion.

According to reports from AYO TV, Amina Rashidi’s return has shattered the mourning that had consumed her family since her reported death in 2003.

Her burial had taken place, and her loved ones had grieved the loss of their mother and sister.

However, the recent turn of events has brought about an outpouring of happiness and celebration, as Amina’s family organized an event to mark her miraculous return.

Contrary to the family’s narrative, Amina herself revealed a different story.

She asserted that she did not die in the boat accident but instead embarked on a journey with two other individuals, a man, and another woman.

Upon reaching their destination, Amina claimed to have gotten married and become pregnant.

Sadly, she recounted how her child was allegedly taken away from her, adding another layer of tragedy to her already remarkable tale.

“Tulisafiri kwa njia ya basi tukiwa watatu, wanawake wawili na mwanamume mmoja,” she explained.

Amina, who left three children behind when she was presumed dead, claims to have given birth to two more children in Mwanza. Her first son, Abubakar, expressed overwhelming joy at the unexpected reunion with his mother after more than two decades.

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