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Man Who Worked in UK as Security Guard Builds 200 Multi-Million Homes in Uganda

Hajji Yassin Bakaluba, a former security guard in the UK, has made a name for himself as a prominent real estate entrepreneur in Uganda. Leaving his homeland at the tender age of 19, he spent an equal number of years in the UK before returning to Uganda.

Upon his return, Bakaluba began constructing mansions, and his reputation quickly spread, leading to requests from others for him to build for them. This reflects the common sentiment that experiencing one African country is akin to experiencing them all, a sentiment that extends to the investment dynamics of those living abroad but wishing to invest in their home countries.

Like Kenyans, Ugandans living abroad have often fallen victim to the cunning and greed of their relatives when attempting to invest back home. However, Bakaluba is making a difference. He identified a problem with construction in Uganda, noting that many Ugandans working abroad were hesitant to invest in construction for fear of being swindled.

Bakaluba has since built over 200 structures for clients he has only met on social media. In his two years back in Uganda, he has constructed a mall and ten apartments, adding to the 35 apartments he built before leaving London. Despite spending half his life in the UK, Bakaluba always felt a stronger connection to Uganda.

During his time in the UK, Bakaluba worked as a security guard, which gave him ample time to read inspirational stories of individuals who rose from poverty to wealth. These stories enriched his mind with valuable ideas and reinforced the importance of having a purpose and being consistent in pursuing one’s goals.

Bakaluba also observed that many people fail to analyze trends, leading to financial traps that can result in severe consequences. He noted that for some people living abroad, the high taxes and cost of living can make it difficult to save or invest. Bakaluba himself was mindful of his expenses and managed his finances accordingly.

When Bakaluba decided to return to Uganda, he faced opposition from friends and relatives who doubted his vision. He proved them wrong by successfully investing in property and anticipating development trends. His first building was constructed with materials imported from China, a decision that was initially met with skepticism.

Bakaluba’s journey was not without challenges. A family dispute over land led to his imprisonment. However, his story resonated with Ugandans living abroad, who began requesting his services for their construction projects. This marked the beginning of his thriving business, which has seen the construction of hundreds of houses over two years.

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