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Sad as Mother Warns Her Daughter Against Working as a Househelp in Saudi Arabia, Only to Receive Her Return in a Coffin

Nairobi resident Beatrice Khamadi is grappling with the devastating death of her daughter, Sharon, in Saudi Arabia. A mother of three, Khamadi is now burdened with a void that seems impossible to fill.

Sharon, a hardworking and loving daughter, embarked on a journey to the Gulf nation, Saudi Arabia, in pursuit of greener pastures.

Her decision to leave her family behind was driven by a desire to ease the burdens on her mother and provide for her own son.

Despite Khamadi’s warnings, Sharon believed she could make a difference for her family by seeking opportunities abroad.

Tragically, Sharon’s aspirations were short-lived.

Barely a year after her departure, the family received the devastating news of her demise.

Khamadi, speaking with tearful eyes, recounted how she had advised Sharon to let her handle the hardships and be the sole provider for the family. However, Sharon, moved by her mother’s past struggles, insisted on being the one to leave home.

“I had warned her and asked her to let me be the one to work hard to care for them. She said I had been good to them, and she had seen my suffering and would rather be the one to leave home and not her,” she narrated during an Interview.

The family’s expectations of a better life for Sharon quickly faded as she faced challenges in Saudi Arabia.

After just a few months, Sharon confided in her sister about mistreatment by her employer, expressing her exhaustion and desire to escape.

A poignant photograph sent to her sister captured the toll that the hardships had taken on Sharon’s health.

Living in the Kibera slums, the family had hoped that Sharon’s journey to Saudi Arabia would bring about positive change. Instead, they were left with the painful reality of a loved one returning not in triumph but in a coffin, the cause of her death shrouded in mystery.

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