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Woman Who Worked as a House Help in Saudi Arabia Returns Home After Being Impregnated by Her Employer’s Arabic Brother

A woman once known for her jovial demeanor has shared the harrowing challenges she faced while in Saudi Arabia.

Faith Wambui, who embraced the name ZamZam upon converting to Islam, bravely recounted her story, shedding light on the mistreatment she endured in the Gulf region.

ZamZam, originally from Kiambu, Kenya, decided to seek better opportunities in Saudi Arabia after completing college.

Speaking to TUKO.co.ke, she disclosed that her sister, already employed in Saudi Arabia, facilitated her journey to the country.

Despite the excitement of starting anew, ZamZam’s experience took a drastic turn upon arrival. She found herself waiting at the airport for a whole month before her employer finally arrived to pick her up.

From then on, life with the family proved to be a grueling ordeal, particularly due to her strained relationship with her employer.

Recounting her hardships, ZamZam revealed, “She provided me with minimal food, and there were times I went for three days without eating. Sleep was also elusive. Despite the hardships, the thought of the problems back home kept me going.”

Amidst the adversity, ZamZam found solace in the kindness of her employer’s brother, who clandestinely provided her with food and support.

Their bond deepened, and ZamZam eventually became pregnant with his child.

However, when her pregnancy was discovered, ZamZam decided to flee before the truth was uncovered.

Seeking refuge elsewhere, she gave birth to her child in secrecy, away from the prying eyes of her employer.

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