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Security Guard Flees After Fatally Shooting Director’s Son at School

The son of the director of Buwungu UMEA Primary School is believed to have been killed on Sunday morning, and police in the Mpigi District are searching for the school security guard.

Before leaving the school grounds, the suspect is said to have killed 10-year-old Rashad Ssekamatte and locked the body inside his room.

“The horrific incident happened around 8:00 am when the 25-year-old suspect persuaded Ssekamatte into his room where he murdered him,” stated Majid Karim, a spokeswoman for the Katonga provincial police.

Umar Ssekamatte, the school director, wasn’t present when the incident happened.The fugitive suspect called the school bursar, Esther Nabuuma, and told her that they “should go and find their’slaughtered chicken’ somewhere in a school compound.

“He [the suspect] informed me that he had fulfilled his wish.

Because I was in Masaka City at the time, I was unable to grasp what he was saying,” she explained.”I called the director and asked him to check what was happening at the school,” the woman continued.

After frantically looking everywhere and failing to locate anything, he investigated the security guard’s room and discovered his son’s body lying in a pool of blood with his left arm severed.

The deceased had been stabbed in the right arm in addition to having a major cut on his head.According to police investigations, the security guard and the school director had a long-standing disagreement during which the director advised him not to abuse drugs.

“Our detectives are actively pursuing the suspect in order to determine the precise cause of the incident. The truth will definitely surface, Kariim remarked.

Authorities have not yet made an arrest of the suspect by Monday night.

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