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Catherine Kusasira to undergo heart surgery abroad

Singer Catherine Kusasira has travelled out of the country for an urgent medical procedure. Kusasira is reportedly set to undergo a heart operation in the coming days.

According to a message shared on her social media pages, the singer travelled abroad for the corrective procedure on her heart.

She has reportedly been struggling to breath and her heart is “full of fats,” according to the message shared by the singer’s social media handlers.

What is “fatty heart”
The condition described in the post is known in medical terms as “pericardial fat,” or simply “fatty heart”

These visceral fats around the heart can cause inflammation, which in turn can lead to other health problems.

Medical experts say, fatty heart increases one’s risk of strokes, heart attacks and other heart conditions. The more pericardial fat you have, the more dangerous it becomes.

Some of the risk factors for this conduction include being overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle, with little to no body exercise.

Although this condition can me managed with some medication, at certain levels it might require heart surgery to open clogged heart arteries.

Good wishes

Many of Kusasira’s fans took to social media to wish her a fast recovery.

Sarah Andinda posted, “Prayers swiri u shall be fine in Jesus name ….we love u please come back healed”

“Wish you the best my inspiration,” wrote Shira Nanyonjo.


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